Bio for Patrick Veling

Pat Veling is the founder and president of Real Data Strategies, Inc., the nation’s leaders in the science of applying smart MLS data-driven analysis to the real estate brokerage business. He is considered one of the nation’s top experts on MLS systems functionality and data integrity.

While most real estate analysis findings are about property transactions and market performance, RDS has developed a series of copyrighted analytics which use MLS data to delve into and report on the brokerage behaviors of real estate agents. Pat’s presentation will look at these behaviors and analysis results in ways that both indict our industry’s poor performance and create a rallying call for improving its professional standards.

Pat is an expert communicator who makes his analysis highly visual, and his interpretation of its findings humorous and engaging. His professional experiences include working as a news anchorman, radio personality, newspaper columnist and owner of a full service advertising agency. Pat’s medium migrated from words to numbers when he became a California real estate broker in 1988. He founded his firm in 1992, and has grown RDS to cover 95% of all residential resale property transactions in the US, and the activities of 97% of licensed US real estate agents.

He is the only licensed California real estate broker who belongs and pays membership dues to every MLS in his state, a business expense that he laments and by which he is highly frustrated.